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Triplicane 7th Muharram juloos in its initial stage.

This photo was taken when the savari entered Pycrofts Road and just started to gain momentum. Chennai’s 7th Muharram juloos is very popular and at the time of this juloos, almost no other matami juloos is taken out in entire Chennai.

Zanjeeri matam at Pycrofts Road, Triplicane, Chennai

Now the savari has reached further in Pycrofts road and it is exactly at the popular dress material shop called Choba. In this photo you can see zanjeeri matam.

7th Muharram matam at its peak.

Nice view of 7th Muharram Triplicane juloos. In this photo you can see beautiful aerial view of the juloos.

Haath ka matam in the 7th Muharram juloos.

Another nice aerial view photo taken from a building. Thanks to the owner/people of the building who co-operated so well. Yes, Hindus in Chennai particularly Triplicane have great regards and respect for azadari and matam.

7th Muharram Triplicane juloos towards its end.

This photo was taken in the second half of the savari.

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